Reviews Keraderm

  • Silvia
    I lead an active life, for the preservation of its Form three times per week visits to the Pool. Apparently, so I have to have nail fungus infected. Well, the house proved to be an effective antifungal cream keraderm. Only after 2 weeks, I'm back to teaching swimming.
  • Yuliana
    Psoriasis – this is my Problem since childhood. To me nothing helped, until I tried to cream Keraderm. Already after one month I disease me from this hideous and now I remember about you, as about a bad dream.
  • Rani
    Got a fungus at work, in the common shower. Fungus struck the skin between the fingers, they burst with blood. It was once treated. Therefore, the disease is not launched in a way that could stand up on the feet. The wife ordered me the cream Keraderm. Already after a week the pain is gone, the cracks healed. After a month of mushroom legs gotten rid of. Thank you for this cream.
  • Desi
    The cream is soft and gentle, smells pleasant. Applied as a moisturizer. No complaints, not causes: burns and does not dry the skin. Has helped me Psoriasis heal completely for 2 months.
  • Sherly
    After pregnancy papilloma started on the neck. I don't know that the skin disease will start, therefore, on the Internet ordered cream Keraderm. Already after 2 weeks of application, Papilloma almost completely disappeared. I hope that this cream will help me completely get rid of the disease.
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